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We've taken the TikTok viral frameworks and methods from our OG productivity planners and made them accessible from your phone, tablet, or laptop *whenever* inspiration strikes.

That's one less thing to put in your bag!

Go digital now!

Create new habits, beat procrastination, fight anxiety and become the most productive version of yourself.

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Your Digital Planner at a glance 👇

Daily dashboard

Your best friend, all day, every day. All your key tasks, to do lists and project timelines that you’ll need to access on a daily basis, all in one place, in front of you as soon as you open your notion workspace.

Vision board

Visualise and attract your success and immerse yourself in a visual representation of what you want or hope to achieve. Add images, quotes and goals to your customisable vision board to make it totally personal to the key pillars in your own life.

Daily planning

Built from our tried-and-tested framework that formed the basis of the Productivity Method as you know it today. These daily planning templates guide you in organising your daily workload in as little as 5 minutes.

Habit tracker

Your daily habits and routines make a huge material impact on how productive you are throughout the day. define your habits to build or break here, and track them each day in your Daily Planner.

Task management

The brain of your Digital Planner! Create and view every single task you have on your to-do list in one clear dashboard. Organise by category and project, filter by due date, status, progress and importance. All the tools you need to nail your workload prioritisation.

Project management

Big projects don't have to be overwhelming! Break them down into individual tasks and milestone deadlines, giving you a clear step-by-step pathway to getting it done efficiently and effectively, one step at a time.

Monthly goals

Think of your monthly goals as the key stepping stones for your personal and professional progress. Define clear milestones that help you push forward each month, getting you progressively closer to bigger achievements over time.

Yearly goals

These are the big dreams and milestones for your personal and professional life. Think about everything you want to achieve in the next 12 months. Pick goals that will push you forward and make a real impact on your overall journey.

Meeting notes

Having a clear record of discussions and decisions, with established and agreed action points, is the key for avoiding any ambiguity about how to best move forward, and will ultimately save you a huge amount of time.

Doc management

Keeping all of your notes and docs in one organised space is a small but mighty hack for saving you time! Create, store and view all the resources you need, from meeting notes, to your food shopping list.

Finance tracker

Achieve financial confidence and control in your life with your finance tracker. A powerful and flexible place that helps you track your finances in one go, from your salary to credit cards and investments.

Invoice tracker

Never miss a penny. All the essentials you need to manage and keep track of all of your invoices, when they're due and if they have been paid or received. Giving you the peace of mind to focus elsewhere.

What's the difference between this and the original paper planners?

There are lots of differences, but here are some of the key ones:

✔️ Built-in task and project management system that is interactive and dynamic!

✔️ Looooads of brand new frameworks and templates to help boost your productivity even further! 

✔️ It will never ‘run out’, once you’ve copied it over to your Notion you can use the same template forever. 

✔️ It’s totally customisable and editable, so you can make it work for you! 

Buy it once, keep it forever

Adopt the viral productivity frameworks designed by Grace Beverley to get more output from less input and win back control of your day!

✔️ Remove the overwhelm of a mounting workload

✔️ Never miss a deadline again

✔️ Get more quality work done in less time 

✔️ Build new productive routines or break old habits that no longer serve you

✔️ Make noticeable progress in your personal & professional projects

✔️ Organise, manage and track your tasks anywhere you go

✔️ Access your productivity planner from any device 

✔️ Buy it once, keep it forever 

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Join 50,000 others living their most productive lives 👏

I’ve always struggling with prioritising my work and general waning productivity levels throughout the day. Using this planner allows me to work around when I need some quick wins vs when I’m ready for deep work. I’ve even had feedback from work that I’ve been more on top of things since using this. It allows me to clear my mind before the work day starts - highly recommend!

July 2023

I am a corporate girlie that lives and dies by my to-do list, but I get overwhelmed when it’s too long and hard to manage. The idea of splitting it out and prioritising was genius enough but putting in a cute, intuitive planner takes the cake. I rave about it to my friends, family, colleagues - I’ve even pulled it out in several 1 to 1s with my manager.

July 2023

I’ve always struggled balancing a busy job, studying and my side hustle, with endless overwhelming to do lists scrawled in notepads & no real structure to my days. Using this planner has not only enabled me to prioritise more effectively, it’s also encouraged me to break down tasks and feel way less overwhelmed, whilst being more efficient!

July 2023

Why we created The Productivity Method

Quite simply, we got fed up with planners that ask us how many sh**s we've had a day while not actually helping us to improve our productivity… so we set out to make productivity tools that *actually*, *genuinely* work!

Whether you’re juggling multiple projects, wanting to start a small business, or revising for your uni exams - our methods for managing your tasks and getting the most out of your time work for everyone.

Now after months and months of requests, our best-selling Productivity Planner has gone *digital*

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Frequently asked questions

Got a question for our team? Drop us an email hello@theproductivitymethod.com
What actually is it and how does it work?

Our Digital Planner is a personal productivity tool that works within the platform Notion. It’s a ready-made digital planner template with all the features and functionality you could need for managing your projects, workload, tasks, goals, documents, general life admin, and honestly just about anything else you need 🤯

You’ll copy the planner template over to your own Notion account and then it’s yours to use forever and customise to your own life!

How much is it?

The Digital Planner is usually £42. It’s a one-time payment, and then you can keep and use it FOREVER!

What is Notion?

Notion is a freemium productivity and note-taking web application. given the infrastructure of Notion, we wanted to lean on the platforms foundations and support to offer the best digital Productivity Planner through our own tpm template.

How do I get it/access it?

After purchasing your digital planner, you’ll be emailed your unique planner link with step-by-step instructions on how to transfer it to your own Notion account. after you get your link, it genuinely takes less than 2 minutes to set up, and even less if you already have a Notion account! 💨

What's the difference between using this and just using notion?

Although Notion is an amazing platform, building your own advanced productivity system within Notion would be incredibly complicated and time-consuming - Notion is amazing but we wanted to build something that effectively functioned as a planner app.

We brought in some genius developers to give you a ready-made productivity system, with all the templates you could ever need, all in one purchase.

It’s also priced at about half the price of the comparable templates as we wanted it to be super accessible.

So you can spend less time formatting blank notes pages, and more time actually getting shit done!! ✔️

Is there a monthly subscription cost?

Nope! there are absolutely no monthly fees or extra hidden costs! It was really important to us when building this to make sure that all of the functionality worked on the basic version of Notion which is completely free! so once you have it, you have it forever 🫶

Are the daily planning pages the same as in the paper planners? 

The same productivity framework but with some extra bits!

We’ve OF COURSE used our core method as the basis of your daily planning pages, so you’ll be able to plan out your schedule, quick ticks, non-negotiables, tasks and projects in the same way that you know and love, but you’ll also be able to use your daily plan to see your upcoming deadlines, track your daily habits, AND log daily meeting notes!

What is the difference from the paper one?

There are lots of differences, but here are some of the key ones:

✅ built-in task and project management system that is interactive and dynamic!

✅ looooads of brand new frameworks and templates to help boost your productivity even further! 

✅ it will never ‘run out’, once you’ve copied it over to your Notion you can use the same template forever. 

✅ it’s totally customisable and editable, so you can make it work for you! 

We wanted something that was perfect for people who wanted digital option given the paper versions have done so well so did get a bit carried away on the functionality lol

What extra pages does it have compared to the hardback planners?

We are SO excited about all of our new features and templates, our faves are:

✅ task and project manager

✅ docs and notes organiser

✅ vision board

✅ habit tracker

✅ finance tracker

✅ invoice tracker 

✅ meeting notes templates

✅ project ideas framework

✅ resources / reading list

✅ brain dumps folder

✅ problems for future me framework

Why is it more expensive than the paper planner?

Building tech products is definitely not cheap or easy to do, and requires a lot of time, resource and expertise! BUT we never price by cost, always by value to the customer. our planners are £26 and useable for a set period of time, so the increased price here relates to the fact this is a one off payment to have a planner forever.

We’ve done everything we can to make the Digital Planner as affordable as possible, by making it a one-time purchase with no ongoing fees, so it will last you for the rest of your career… the cost per use is cost per use–ing…