Meet our Founder

Most people would think that our Founder, Grace, is work-obsessed. We know better - she just hates not getting things done, because her evenings are much better spent playing with her dogs (if you’ve seen them, you’ll get it).

Rumour has it that if you give Grace something to do, it will be done and sent back to you before you even have time to tick it off your to do list. Annoying!

But she wasn’t just born with a knack for getting stuff done… it’s tried-and-tested productivity frameworks that give her the time to manage 2 businesses, 1 “hobby” (us), and a personal life.

Why we created the Productivity Method

Quite simply, we got fed up with planners that ask us how many sh**s we've had a day while not actually helping us to improve our productivity… so we set out to make productivity tools that *actually*, *genuinely* work!

Whether you’re juggling multiple projects, wanting to start a small business, or revising for your uni exams - our methods for managing your tasks and getting the most out of your time work for everyone. our goal is to hand this system to you in a practical, usable tool, so you can incorporate it into your everyday life, and become your most productive, goal-achieving self.

What is The Productivity Method?

It’s a framework to avoid falling into the “never-ending-to-do-list” trap.

It teaches you the hacks we’ve created to get more output from less time input.

It instils productive daily habits to hoist you over even the biggest mountain of tasks.

Check out our products to get an insight into how it works, but you'll have to try it to believe it!

Doing good for you & the planet

Made from post-consumer recycled paper

Paper sourced from FSC certified forests

Biodegradable and compostable materials

100% vegan materials

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