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I’ve always struggling with prioritising my work and general waning productivity levels throughout the day. Using this planner allows me to work around when I need some quick wins vs when I’m ready for deep work. I’ve even had feedback from work that I’ve been more on top of things since using this. It allows me to clear my mind before the work day starts - highly recommend!

July 2023

I am a corporate girlie that lives and dies by my to-do list, but I get overwhelmed when it’s too long and hard to manage. The idea of splitting it out and prioritising was genius enough but putting in a cute, intuitive planner takes the cake. I rave about it to my friends, family, colleagues - I’ve even pulled it out in several 1 to 1s with my manager.

July 2023

I’ve always struggled balancing a busy job, studying and my side hustle, with endless overwhelming to do lists scrawled in notepads & no real structure to my days. Using this planner has not only enabled me to prioritise more effectively, it’s also encouraged me to break down tasks and feel way less overwhelmed, whilst being more efficient!

July 2023