The Health & Fitness Daily Planner (Undated)


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We know you don’t want to be filling out seven different planners to track each area of your life. So, we've streamlined everything into one!

Worked out today? Check ✔️
On track to hit that work deadline? Check ✔️
Hit your daily step goal? Check ✔️
Meal-prepped your lunches for the week? Check and check again! ✔️✔️

Our new The Productivity Method x SHREDDY Health & Fitness Daily Planner is the ultimate planner for those that want to see and track their entire life in one place. From your workouts to your water intake, step count to your sleep, work deadlines to your daily non-negotiables; we’ve got you covered.

Product details
  • A5, hardcover with premium cloth cover.
  • French groove binding allowing the planners to lie flat made from 100% white recycled paper and recyclable.
  • 120GSM paperweight.
  • 320 pages, with 2 bookmark ribbons.
  • 92 undated daily planning pages.

We’re committed to making sustainably conscious decisions. Our planners are made from:

  • Post-consumer recycled paper
  • Biodegradable and compostable materials
  • Paper sourced from FSC certified forests
  • 100% vegan materials

For added protection in transit our books are shrink wrapped in eco-friendly 100% recyclable shrink wrap derived from sugarcane.

Shipping & returns

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Products are only eligible for a return if they are still in their original shrinkwrap seal. This ensures each planner is protected and each customer has the same great opening experience. To action a return please fill out a support ticket via the support center at the bottom of this page.

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Favourite Workouts Log

Create and log your favourite workouts here for easy reference. Label them by focus and note reps and sets per exercise. This user-friendly system helps you build a personalised workout library, helping with consistency and efficiency.

Favourite Meals Log

Build a collection of your favourite recipes here to quickly refer back to. Track your meal ingredients and macros, saving you time and effort in your weekly meal planning and daily macro tracking.

Life Audit

Analyse your current habits, routines and challenges, and reflect on your motivations for wanting to improve your health and well-being. This will help you set clear targets that make sense for you.

Yearly Goals

Build out your big dreams and milestones for your life across fitness, work and your personal life to ensure that everything you want to achieve in the next 12 months is broken down into clear and easy-to-measure targets.

Monthly Workout Split

Build a top-line plan for your exercise split each month, setting yourself a clear schedule to keep you accountable and consistent, pushing you incrementally closer to your yearly fitness goals.

Monthly Goals

Define short-term monthly goals that become the stepping stones for wider progress. Set measurable milestones that help you push forward each month, getting you progressively closer to your yearly goals over time.

Monthly Check-In & Review

Check back on your monthly goals and review the progress you've made against them, set your next steps based on your progress so far, steering yourself toward success, step by step.

Weekly Goals

Prep a clear plan for everything you want to achieve during your week and define the steps you need to take to achieve them, allowing you to wake up on Monday morning with a clear head and clear priorities.

Weekly Meal Planning

Plan your meals ahead each week and note down your shopping list to set you up for saving both time and money. Record your daily macros and easily adjust your recipes to meet your nutrition goals.

Weekly Meal Planning

Plan your meals ahead each week and note down your shopping list to set you up for saving both time and money. Record your daily macros and easily adjust your recipes to meet your nutrition goals.

Weekly Exercise Planning

Break down your monthly workout split into a clear weekly exercise plan, aligning it with your wider schedule, assigning a time and making any additional notes, then checking it off once complete.

Daily Planning

Built from our tried-and-tested framework that formed the basis of The Productivity Method as you know it today. These daily planning templates guide you in organising your daily schedule and prioritising your workload in as little as 5 minutes.

Daily Health & Fitness Tracking

We have added some additional features to your daily planning pages for your day-to-day health and fitness tracking; track hours of sleep, water intake, steps and exercise, plus your daily meals and macros consumed.

SHREDDY70 Tracker

The perfect accountability tool to keep you on track with the 'SHREDDY70' challenge! Track the top 5 daily healthy habits you're going to stick to over the next 70 days and watch your lifestyle transform.

Download the SHREDDY app today and take on the challenge!

Habit Tracker

Your daily habits and routines make a huge material impact on how productive you are and how quickly you reach your goals. Define the habits you want to build and break, and track them each day to keep you accountable.

Mood & Mental Health Tracker

Log patterns in your mood and mental health. Use the key to assign colours or symbols to your moods and feelings, and visualise patterns to help you identify and break negative cycles and celebrate positive changes in your mental wellness journey.

Menstrual Cycle Tracker

Log and track your menstrual cycle phases and symptoms each month. Use the keys to monitor patterns, gain insights, and better understand your hormones, empowering you to align your fitness journey with your body.

Progress Tracker

Track the progress that matters to you, whether it be your bodyweight, your 5k run times, your gym lift PBs, or even your sleep patterns or time spent reading. Build a clear picture of progression to keep you on track and motivated.

Frequently asked questions

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I want a planner to track my work and schedule as well as my fitness, will this work for me?

Absolutely! We know you don't want multiple different planners to fill out every single day, so we've combined everything into one!

This is the ultimate planner for those that want to see and track their entire life in one place. From prepping for that big presentation while making time to see friends, to planning workouts, tracking water intake, step count, your cycle, mood, and SO much more.

See our look inside section above to view all of the different features and templates included!

I like to track my health and fitness but I don't do gym workouts, will this work for me?

Absolutely, it’s made for anyone that’s interested in setting fitness goals and keeping track of their health in any way at all - regardless of what type of exercise you like to do, what your fitness goals are, or what elements of your health you want to focus on - it is just as beneficial for anybody, not just the gym girls! 

This planner essentially includes everything you might need or want to track with regards to health and fitness, without all the unnecessary 'fluff' that you find in most fitness planners on the market!

Are the daily planning pages the same as in the original daily planners?

The daily planning pages still have our original productivity method framework - quick ticks, tasks, projects, non-negotiables and your daily schedule for time-blocking!

In addition to this, we have also added some additional features to your daily planning pages to help with your health and exercise tracking (your sleep, steps, water intake, exercise, meals and macros) - Basically, everything you would need to track on a day-to-day basis is now in one single streamlined spread!

Why is it more expensive than the original daily planners?

There are about 2/3rds more pages in the Health & Fitness Planner compared to the daily planner and therefore is more expensive to make. We will also always price our products based on value, and this planner provides a huge amount of additional productivity frameworks that will help you hit your fitness goals, that our regular Daily Planners don’t have!

What additional pages and templates does this planner have compared to the Daily Planners?

In addition to some of our original planning templates such as yearly, monthly and weekly goal setting, and the signature Productivity Method daily planning framework, this planner also contains a huge amount of BRAND NEW features and templates:

✔️Life Audit
✔️Yearly Health & Fitness goals (performance progress, physical progress, health & nutrition, mental wellness
✔️Monthly Health & Fitness goals (wellbeing, performance, nutrition, hydration, physical progress, mental wellness, recovery & rest)
✔️Monthly check-ins and reviews
✔️Weekly meal and macro planning
✔️Weekly exercise planning
✔️SHREDDY70 Challenge tracking
✔️Daily sleep, steps & water tacking
✔️Daily exercise planning and review
✔️Daily meal planning & macro tracking
✔️Mood tracking
✔️Menstrual Cycle tracking
✔️Progress tracking
✔️Habit tracking
✔️Favourite workouts log
✔️Favourite meals log

How long does it last?

In this planner you will find space for 1 x yearly plan, 3 x monthly plans, 12 x weekly plans, and 92 x daily plans. If you use it every single day, it will last you 3 months, however the pages are undated, so many people find that it will last a little longer than this. (Undated means no pages go to waste if you skip days, go on holiday etc!)