Burning the Midnight (Blue) Oil Dated 2024 Diary


You have got goals to hit, and 2024 is the year you’re going after them!

The 2024 Diary is the dated version of our viral, best-selling Undated Daily Planner, and gives you one single place to effectively plan and track everything you need to get done across your entire year!

From daily planning using our tried-and-tested productivity framework, to weekly overviews, monthly schedules, yearly goal setting, and so much more, you'll have all the tools you need to hit and exceed every goal you set.

*In our new and improved design, with NEW task prioritisation and meeting notes pages! *

Product details
  • A5, hardcover with premium cloth cover.
  • French groove binding allowing the planners to lie flat made from 100% white recycled paper and recyclable.
  • 120GSM paperweight.
  • 504 pages, with 2 bookmark ribbons.
  • 12 months of monthly, weekly and daily planning.

We’re committed to making sustainably conscious decisions. Our planners are made from:

  • Post-consumer recycled paper
  • Biodegradable and compostable materials
  • Paper sourced from FSC certified forests
  • 100% vegan materials

For added protection in transit our books are shrink wrapped in eco-friendly 100% recyclable shrink wrap derived from sugarcane.

Shipping & returns

For UK and international shipping prices and timeframes please see our full shipping policy here.

Products are only eligible for a return if they are still in their original shrinkwrap seal. This ensures each planner is protected and each customer has the same great opening experience. To action a return please fill out a support ticket via the support center at the bottom of this page.

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Daily Planning

These dated daily planning pages guide you in organising your daily to-do list and prioritising your workload in as little as 5 minutes each morning! Map out your tasks and non-negotiables for the day, and rate them by priority level.

Weekly Schedule

Setting and tracking your plan per day is essential for time-blocking success. Use this framework to create a clear schedule for each day, adding blocks for each of your tasks and priorities to ensure you've got the time planned out to get them done.

Weekly Master To-Do Table

Built from our tried-and-tested viral productivity framework, use this worksheet at the beginning of each week to map out all of your quick-ticks, tasks, projects and non-negotiables, to fight the Sunday scaries and start the week with a clear mind and clear priorities.

Monthly Goals & Reminders

Your monthly goals and top priorities framework will help you identify and stay clear on what you want to achieve in the next month. Neatly broken down into personal and career, this section gives you focus for the month ahead.

Yearly Vision Map

This vision map will help you create a clear representation of everything you want achieve, actions and habits that you want to build, and how you want your ideal life to look over the next year. You can brain-dump here and then build out tangible goals that align with your overall vision.

Yearly Goals

Kickstart your year with clear and tangible yearly goals to work towards. This section will get you thinking about everything you want to achieve in the next 12 months, and help you make these goals clear and easy to measure. You can also track them here when you achieve them!

Yearly Bucket List

These are the big dreams that you want to achieve in 2024! These can be personal or professional milestones, from buying a house or going on your dream holiday, to getting a first in your degree or that dream promotion!

Yearly Intentions

This section will guide you in setting both personal and career intentions for the year, helping you to build and affirm a positive, progression-based mindset. These intentions are helpful to refer back to throughout the year to remind yourself of what you're working for.

Meeting Notes

Having a good record of discussions and decisions, with established and agreed action points, is the key for productivity and fast progress. Our meeting note template will give you a clear structure to follow and ultimately save you a huge amount of time!

Frequently asked questions:

How long do the Diaries last?

Our 2024 Diaries will last you the entire year of 2024!

What's the difference between the 2024 Diary and the Undated Daily Planner?

It’s the dated, year-long version of our viral Undated Daily Planner and includes:

✔️ 2024 calendar and key dates

✔️ Vision map and bucket list pages

✔️ Monthly & yearly personal and career intentions

✔️ Reminders, top priorities and birthdays bank

✔️ Full month overviews

✔️ Weekly master to-do table based on our viral productivity framework

✔️ Weekly overview and schedule

✔️ Our signature daily productivity planning

✔️ NEW time-saving meeting notes sheets

✔️ Full notes pages

Are the daily planning pages the same as the Undated Daily Planners?

Your planning pages are still based on our viral productivity method framework: quick ticks, tasks, projects, non-negotiables, now with a NEW task prioritisation.

The only difference is that you will do your master to-do list on a weekly basis, and then input your tasks and non-negotibales into your daily plans from there.

Your daily time-blocking schedules are also laid out in a full week overview!

Check out our Look Inside section above to see all of the pages!

Why is it more expensive than the Daily Planners?

There are 224 more pages in the 2024 Diary compared to the Daily Planner and therefore they are much more expensive to make.

However, it’s not only about cost - we always price our products based on value, and this planner provides greater value as it will last you an entire year, with space for 4X as many daily plans as our Undated Daily Planners.

There are also many additional worksheets and frameworks that you won't find in the Daily Planners, such as; yearly calendar and key dates, vision map and bucket list pages, monthly & yearly intentions, reminders, important dates and birthdays log, full month overviews, and more!

Are the Diaries made from sustainable materials?

We’re committed to making sustainably conscious decisions. Our planners are made from:

Post-consumer recycled paper.

Biodegradable and compostable materials.

Paper sourced from FSC certified forests.

100% vegan materials.

Shipped in eco-friendly 100% recyclable shrink wrap derived from sugarcane.