The Business + Self-employed Planner (Undated)


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You’ve got a million different things going on at once and sometimes, it’s hard to know where to focus to make the biggest impact. 

Now, we know that being productive as a business owner can be very different to personal day-to-day productivity, and we’re tired of entrepreneurs gatekeeping their secrets to success, so we wanted to create a planner you’ll actually use to genuinely help you build or grow your business.

One single place where you can plan and track everything you need in order to run your business efficiently, from daily, weekly and monthly planning to business objectives, project plans, finances and much, much more.

Product details
  • A5, hardcover with premium cloth cover.
  • French groove binding allowing the planners to lie flat made from 100% white recycled paper and recyclable.
  • 120GSM paperweight.
  • 384 pages, with 2 bookmark ribbons.
  • 3 months of daily planning with yearly, quarterly and monthly goal setting.

We’re committed to making sustainably conscious decisions. Our planners are made from:

  • Post-consumer recycled paper
  • Biodegradable and compostable materials
  • Paper sourced from FSC certified forests
  • 100% vegan materials

For added protection in transit our books are shrink wrapped in eco-friendly 100% recyclable shrink wrap derived from sugarcane.

Shipping & returns

For UK and international shipping prices and timeframes please see our full shipping policy here.

Products are only eligible for a return if they are still in their original shrinkwrap seal. This ensures each planner is protected and each customer has the same great opening experience. To action a return please fill out a support ticket via the support center at the bottom of this page.

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Daily Planning

Built from our tried-and-tested framework that formed the basis of The Productivity Method as you know it today. These daily planning templates guide you in organising your daily schedule and prioritising your workload in as little as 5 minutes.

Weekly Planning

Having a structured plan for your week allows you to wake up on Monday morning with a clear head and clear priorities. Map out and time-block your weekly schedule in advance to help battle those Sunday scaries.

Monthly Objectives

Setting and tracking clear business goals is essential for growth, but it can be difficult to know if you're focussed on the right things. Use our objective frameworks to guide you in what goals to set, and how to measure your progress.

Quarterly Goals

This framework will help you ensure that your quarterly goals are the key milestones that you need to hit in order to ladder up to your bigger yearly goals. It will also guide you in reviewing your progress at key moments throughout the year.

Yearly Goals

Your yearly goals are the big dreams and milestones for the direction of your business. This framework will help you ensure that everything you want to achieve in the next 12 months is broken down into clear and easy-to-measure targets.

Project Timelines

Mapping out a clear critical path for your projects to ensure timelines and priorities are clear, is essential for getting it done well, and on time! Use this project gantt chart to plan and track progress on big projects.

Income and Outgoings Tracker

Achieving financial confidence and feeling in control of your income and outgoings will steer you closer to your financial goals. Use our simple tracker to easily keep on top of your business finances!

Invoice Tracker

This template contains the structure you need to manage all of your incoming and outgoing invoices. Track when they are due, how many times you’ve chased, and if they have been paid or received, all in one clear place.

Resources List

It’s crucial for your business development to stay up to date with your industry’s trends and updates. Utilise this resource list to log your thoughts and key take-aways on things you have read, seen or listened to.

Brain Dump

Use this framework to keep track of any thoughts or bright ideas you have at the weekend, on your evening run, or in the shower! This will help you get from thought to fruition in a few simple steps.

Project Ideas

As an entrepreneur you’re probably always bursting with new ideas, but it's counter-productive to try and do everything at once. Use this framework to map out your new ideas to help you assess if and when you should work on them.

Problems for Future Me

Rather than getting side-tracked from your work to fight fires, use this framework to quickly jot down problems that need solving, when you need to come back to it, and any action points that will help you solve it.

Meeting Notes

Having a good record of discussions and decisions, with established and agreed action points, is the key for productivity and fast progress. Our meeting note template will give you a clear structure to follow and ultimately save you a huge amount of time!

Frequently asked questions:

I’m a freelancer / self-employed, will this work for me?

Yep absolutely, it’s made for anyone that’s a business owner in any sense of the word - whether you’re side-hustling, freelancing, or a running a full scale company - it was important to us that this was just as beneficial to all business owners, regardless of industry, size, or business age. Grace is self-employed as well as a business owner so we know what you need!

The planner is really just everything Grace wishes she had when she was starting out as self-employed, rather than reading all the business books and not even knowing which metrics to track!

Will this help me start a new business?

Yes, it will do! It’s not going to hold your hand and start your business for you, but it WILL give you everything you need to set goals, manage projects, keep on top of finances and plan your week and day to day effectively - the stuff that usually takes new business owners a while to grasp.

Maybe more importantly though, the main reason people with a business idea haven’t started yet is that they don't have the time, don’t know where to start etc. - this will give you the time, structure and headspace to actually just get started, which is the most important step!

Why is it more expensive than the original daily planners?

There are about 100 more pages in the Business Planner compared to the daily planner and therefore they are more expensive to make.

However it’s not only about cost - we always price our products based on value, and essentially this planner provides a huge amount of additional productivity frameworks that will help you scale your business, that our regular Daily Planners don’t have!

What extra worksheets and templates does it have compared to the Daily Planners?
  • Yearly, quarterly and monthly business objectives frameworks - based on OKRs, you just need to fill it in so it’s really meant to take the guesswork out of what you should be doing for your business every year/month/week.
  • Project timelines gantt chart
  • Income and outgoings tracker
  • Invoice tracker
  • Resources list
  • Brain dumps
  • Project ideas framework
  • Problems for future me framework
  • Meeting notes templates